Same Day Surgery

Same Day Surgery - Outpatient SurgerySame day surgery—also commonly called outpatient surgery or ambulatory surgery—is surgery that does not require the patient to stay overnight in a hospital. This type of surgery has grown in popularity, since it is more convenient for the patient and typically reduces the cost of surgery.

In addition, this type of surgery is just as safe as—or safer—than traditional in-hospital procedures. Both complication and post-surgical hospitalization rates  are comparable, and infection rates are lower after outpatient surgery than inpatient surgery. At outpatient facilities, or ASCs (ambulatory surgery centers), procedures are completed and patients are released relatively quickly, compared to standard hospitals. This practice helps to lower the risk of infection.

Dr. Geller performs same day surgery in an inpatient facility, in a self-contained unit within a hospital (also known as a hospital outpatient department), in a freestanding self-contained unit (also known as an ambulatory surgery center), and in his office-based unit.