Surgery Cases & Results

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery, MIS and Other Hip Cases

One of Dr. Geller's specialties is treatment of the hip. He performs anterior hip replacement, hip resurfacing, hip revision operations, minimally invasive hip replacement surgery as well as offering non operative treatments.

Knee Replacement (TKR/PKR), MIS and Other Knee Cases

Dr. Geller specializes in operative and non operative solutions for the knee. He performs partial or total knee replacement (TKR), knee revision operations, minimally invasive knee surgery as well as providing non operative choices when appropriate.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS): Knee or Hip Cases

Whether the surgery is for a total or partial knee replacement, anterior hip replacement or surgery on another area of the body, Minimally Invasive Surgery applies to the technique of using smaller incisions. MIS results in less blood loss, minimized pain and quicker recover times.